Avoid Potential Dangers With These Gutter Cleaning Tips!

Although an essentially important task, gutter cleaning is a risky responsibility. From cutting your fingers on sharp pieces of metal to falling off the ladder, and not to mention bites from insects or fleeing animals you might encounter, cleaning the gutters present a long list of dangers for which you must be prepared for. Fortunately, odds are that you will get through your cleaning project without an incident. However, it is important to protect yourself against the many potential dangers. The top five dangers in this case include:


• Dizziness or vertigo: A lot of people are suddenly overtaken by dizziness when working at high heights.

• Contact with electrical wiring: If you are not careful, you could end up accidentally hitting the overhead electrical wires with the ladder, or worst, grabbing overhead live wires while attempting to prevent a fall.

• Instability of the ladder being used: This is often caused by an insecure positioning on the gutter or due to placing the ladder on uneven ground. It could also be caused by improper positioning of the ladder against the walls.

• Inappropriate clothing: These kinds of clothing can catch on projections, causing the ladder and its users to topple sideways and fall.

• Poor maintenance of the ladder: An improperly maintained ladder is a dangerous tool to use when cleaning your gutter as it could easily break. A wobbly ladder also should not be used when cleaning the gutters as they are quite unsafe for use.

Safe gutter cleaning

If as a homeowner you knew the proper way to clean out your gutter, then you could be safe from the above mentioned gutter cleaning dangers. How so, you may ask. Well, read on to find out. There are a quite a number of gutter cleaning tips that can be opted for so as to always be on the safe side. The below listed gutter cleaning tips are some of the best among them.

Practice ladder safety

It is recommended that you make another person aware that you will be utilizing a ladder to work on your building’s gutter or roof for safety purposes. That being done, you should use a sturdy and safe ladder that is properly maintained. The preferable type of a ladder when it comes to cleaning your gutter is the type that has a small strong shelf that can be able to hold a 5-gallon or so bucket to collect the debris from the gutter. The bucket however needs to be firmly secured with a strong wire or rope. Before getting started, make sure to examine the ladder for loose parts, defects or dents.

Make use of a garden hose

The best type of garden hose to use for gutter cleaning undertakings is the type that comes with a pistol-grip trigger type of a spray nozzle, and for a good reason. This kind of a spray nozzle allows the user to adjust the water pressure to suit the immediate requirements with only one hand.

Ensure to protect your hands

Make sure to wear appropriate gloves to help protect your hands against rotting leaves and dirt debris that usually contains hidden bird and animal droppings that are ridden with disease causing bacteria. Apart from this, gloves are ideal for protecting against cuts from torn metal from the gutters. The most recommended types of gloves in this case are the thick, suede-made types as they are superior to rubber, cotton or thin leather varieties.

Wear appropriate eye protection

Protecting the eyes is mandatory as you never know what might fly out of the gutter when cleaning. A lot of people have been stung by wasps or bees or even knocked off the ladder by rats, birds and other animals leaving the downspouts at high speed once the cleaning undertaking commences.

Consider wearing rubber shoes

Because walking on a building’s roof is a necessary part of cleaning the gutters in Toronto, it is advisable to consider wearing rubber-soled. These types of shoes adhere best on the surface being worked on, preventing slip as well as fall incidents. And while at it, walking on the roofs should be done after the sun is well up in the sky as doing so in the morning is quite risky due to moisture.

Other gutter cleaning tips in a summary include:

• Being mindful of power line hazards

• Scheduling semiannual cleanings

• Ensure to power wash all debris off the roof first

• Be sure to use a quality gutter guard to eliminate the need for cleaning out the gutters

Common Gutter Problems And Their Solutions

The thought of clogged, aging or warped gutters in Toronto often makes homeowners quite frustrated, especially when they are deluged with water whenever they walk underneath the eaves. Generally, there are four common problems with the gutters which you might be well aware of. Here is a brief guide on each of these problems and how you can tackle them.

The four most common problems include:

• Leaky gutter joints

• Bending or warping of old gutters

• Improper pitching

• Gutter clogging due to twigs, leaves and some other debris

If you can climb on your house roof, you may feel that you can fix the gutter problems at your own. The problem may look quite easy at the beginning but do not forget to read some do-it-yourself activity tips before you begin to sort out the problem. If you have never fixed such type of problems before, it is quite better if you seek professional help in this regard. Otherwise, you will be bringing more trouble along your way.

Leaky gutter joints

When it comes to dealing with leaky gutter joints, many people try to fix them on their own. The process is pretty simple. All you need to do is have to a tube of gutter sealant. However, you can only repair the joints when the weather is dry.

Simply apply a small amount of gutter sealant to the inside of the gutter. Let the sealant cure it for almost twenty four hours. In case the hole is big or you feel that the gutter has rusted through, you will have to purchase a patch kit from a nearby hardware store. The patch kits usually come with a screen that can easily fill the hole. Otherwise you may have to create your own patch from a metal flashing remnant.

The entire process will look to be easy for those who are DIY enthusiasts. For others, this may seem to be a highly technical type of work and therefore they will usually hire professional help for this.

Bending or warping of old gutters


This is an inevitable problem that all homeowners experience. Over the period of time the hangers and hardware age and weather. Under such a situation, gutters tend to pull away from the house and sometimes become bogged down due to heavy debris.

In order to get this done yourself, you will have to install new gutter hangers and of course fasteners on warped or sagging sections. Hangers are quite inexpensive therefore will not cost you a fortune. Furthermore, the installation process is quite simple. You would also have to see whether the warped gutter is seated properly or not. In case it is not, you might have to replace some small sections of the gutter itself. It is a quite technical process and usually it is recommended to hire a professional person in this regard. There are some cases when a roofing contractor is also hired if seamless gutters are installed as they cannot be replaced by sections.

Improper pitching of gutters

This problem usually occurs when gutters are pitched improperly or are hastily installed. You can easily check whether your gutters are properly installed or not. Simply go to your roof and see whether they are pitched downward. The gutters need to be pitched at least quarter inch for every ten feet of gutter length. In order to adjust the gutter pitch, you will have to either re-hang the affected sections or bend the hangers a little so that the water flow is accommodated.

In case you have seamless gutters in your home, then they cannot be adjusted easily. You will have to seek professional assistance in this regard and get the matter sorted out. However, you will have to ensure that you are hiring a reputable one for this project. There is no harm in doing a little survey and discussing costs and repair strategies with different experts. After a detail discussion, you will be in a better position to make a right decision.

Gutter clogging due to twigs, leaves and some other debris

Rocks, dirt and plant matter happen to be the main reasons for gutter clogging. They prevent rain water to ruff off flow freely. If you keep on ignoring this problem, the debris will turn into sludge which will later weather the gutters and lead to eventual breakdown. There are times when this issue makes the gutters to weigh down and pull it away from the fascia.

The clogging issue can easily be sorted out if you inspect your gutters thoroughly on regular basis. It does not matter whether you have metal gutters or vinyl gutters. They need your attention. You must remove the clogged areas by simply removing debris with a work glove. To improve the flow, you can clean the gutters with a garden hose. For long term protection, you may have to invest in gutter leaf guards.

Ave You Ever Think Of Your Gutters As Your Rainwater Management System?

You may not have considered your guttering a being an important part of water management system, but in fact they are. While the calculations of how to construct your rainfall guttering system will involve some math, the calculations are reasonably simple but need to be carried out carefully. Once you have finished working out what you need, you can go out to purchase your supplies in order to install efficient gutters in Toronto. Organization and planning are really essential to make sure that you do a good job. Read this guide carefully to help you complete a fully effective installation.

Gutters, downpipes and drains

Essentially your gutters are the front line of your water defense system, they need to gather the rainfall from the roof of your home or your outbuildings and efficiently channel the rainfall to the downpipes. From the downpipes, you need to decide if you want to channel water into your fresh water reservoir for use in your garden for irrigation. Once the reservoirs are full, the excess water needs to be channeled into the drains to get it clear from your property quickly and efficiently.

If your drainage system is inadequate for the job, you are at severe risk of flooding. It is impossible, particularly with global warming, to predict the severity of an extreme thunderstorm and the rain that it could bring. But the key design objective is to ensure that your guttering can deal with the majority of rainfall, should there be a cloud burst your secondary system of drainage ditches and run off slopes will channel the excess away from your home and reduce the risk of your home flooding.


Time to get out your calculator

Well, let’s get started. Here is how you need to organize yourself:

1) Get local information about how much annual rainfall you are going to have to deal with, this information is quite easy to get from your local weather station.

2) Understand what the peak rainfall incidents could be. The worst storms or downfalls, how much rain dropped over what period and which months of the year?

3) Calculate the effective roof area (m2) that you are going to have to deal with. This is essential as it will tell you how many liters you will have to drain during a severe downfall.

4) Once you have worked this out, it is time to get designing:

• Choose a gutter with the right flow capacity, measured in liters per second

• Decide on the positioning of the downpipes, by number and position to get the water out of the gutters quickly and efficiently

• You will need to use the local rainfall information that you have gathered to deal with the two minute crisis. Met offices in Canada and around the world report that exceptional rainfall normally lasts for no longer than 2 minutes. These exceptional rainfall bursts will occur in a 1, 5, 50 and 500 year sequence. Understand the numbers that you need to deal with and plan accordingly.

5) The good advice is that your primary gutter and drainage system should be able to deal with one year incidents. Your plan should be to drain off facilities that you have constructed should be able to deal with exceptional rainfall when your gutters and drains are overwhelmed.

How much rainfall in Canada should you expect to deal with?

A minimum design requirement should be as follows; an intensity of 75mm/hour per m2 results in a flow rate of 0.022 liter per second. So clearly you need to calculate the totally square meters of your roof and how many gutters you plan to install with drain pipes to channel the water away. Next you need to consider the pitch of your roof. Essentially the higher the pitch of your roof the faster the water will run into the gutters. Keep this in mind; a roof pitch of just 10° will deliver water far slower than a roof pitch of 45°.

So the smaller your roof horizontal roof area and the greater the roof pitch will increase the amount of water that you will need to deal with during a severe downpour. A good piece of advice from the experts in gutter installation is to really concentrate on the positioning of your downpipes.

Looking at this in more detail you should plan to install downpipe drains before the flow of water hits a gutter angle, either right angle or less acute. The reason for this is quite obvious, but worth repeating. Water can barrel along a longer gutter run. When it hits the angle it will wash over the guttering and waterfall to the ground below. By installing drain pipes before the gutter corners, the risk of this happening is considerably reduced and the potential for flooding or water damage to your walls and floors will be considerably reduced accordingly.

Want To Do A Full Makeover For Your Soffit And Fascia?

The time has come to come to get to work on your roof and roof fittings. When you do this job, it is really important to do the best work possible to ensure that you will not need to return in future years and have to do it all over again. Follow this guide that uses advice from the experts to do a really good job that will impress you, your family and your neighbors:


Step 1

Set up your ladders and scaffolding so you have good access to the roof edges of the tiles. By using a working platform that allows you to move along the edge of your roof, you will make your work that much easier. Once this is set up and you have checked that it is stable you are ready to begin. The first thing to do is to remove all the gutters, set them to one side or dispose of those that need replacement. Now carefully slide back the first row of tiles, so that you can have easy access to your work area.

Step 2

Now if you are working on soffit and fascia in Toronto, study the trim back and cut away any damaged felt that you may find. Carefully prepare replacement felt and inspect any of the roof tiles as you have your work platform set up, so you can see any signs of damage more easily from this close position. Double check the roof dimensions so that your replacement fascia and soffits fitting will be able to be installed without any problems.

Step 3

Having removed the tiles and the guttering, it is time now to check out the rafter feet very carefully. If there is any sign of deterioration or rotting you will need to cut back until you find the healthy wood of the rafters. Now you can prepare and install the rafter feet that you have cut to measure.

Once you are completely satisfied that you have identified and cut out all the damaged rafters and fitted the replacements, you can now turn your attention to the soffit boards. Make sure that you fix the soffit board tight against the brickwork. This is important as it provides a clean and sturdy edge if it is well fitted. The soffit should sit snuggly against the brick work.

Step 4

Having installed the soffits, you are recommended to install the latest design that has the ventilation slits to allow humidity and heat to escape from the roof area; you are ready to prepare the fascia boards. The experts recommend that you fix the fascia boards using double head nails made of stainless steel.

The reason why stainless steel nails are important is that they are resistant to rusting and so will not mark your fascia. This means that you can rest assured that no rust marks will blot your fascia boards in the months and even years after you have completed the installation. The recommendation from the experts is that you double nail to each rafter to ensure that the fascia is really well locked down.

Step 5

With your fascia and soffits completed, it is now time to turn your attention to your rainwater system. You will have a wide range of styles, colors and materials to choose from, so take your time to decide on which style works best for you. One of the most important aspects that you need to plan for is the fall factor from the gutters to the drains, this is important as gutters must allow the water to flow like a river to your drain or drains. If your roof has a slight tilt this will be easier, but in all cases you need to make sure that the rainwater can be carried away rapidly and efficiently by making sure that you have installed the gutters with an incline to carry the water away.

Step 6

Now is the moment to install the eaves protector to complement the rain water system that you have completed. The eaves protector has a really important job to play, as its name suggests, it is there to protect the eaves and it consists of the latest material that you will use instead of old style felt. The key difference is that it does not deteriorate or perish like felt. Another advantage of this material is that it allows the roof to breathe and comes with flexible combs that act as a rodent guard. It is also really effective at keeping birds out too as well as other unwanted pests.

Step 7

Your installation is now complete and the roof tiles can carefully be replaced in their original position. Clean the surfaces and clear away any waste construction material. Now it is time to dismantle your working scaffold towers and walkways and make sure any damage to the garden or house surrounds is made good. Well, the project is complete and you can give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done!

Are You Neglecting Your Eavestrough?

If you think about it, perhaps you will admit that you haven’t really taken your eavestrough system in Toronto seriously enough. The eavestrough system is an integrated part of your home protection system. If you neglect any part of this important drainage system, you could find yourself standing ankle deep, or worse, in dirty water in your basement.

What are the components of your rain drainage system?

The drainage system, most frequently constructed in aluminum, consists of downpipes, leaf guard, fascia, soffit and clean eavestrough. Together they are designed to efficiently drain rain water away and keep it far from your home’s foundations. As a second feature well maintained drainage systems ensure that your attic is kept cool and dry.


Choosing a professional installer

The first important decision is to focus on companies who can both install and maintain your drainage system. Take time to understand what they do and make up a short list of companies who fit your requirements, based on their service offering. Having established that you are in their catchment area, invite a representative to come to visit your property and give you their recommendations, provide an estimate for the work that they consider necessary. One of the advantages of listening to representatives proposals for cleaning, repairing or installing new soffit, eavestrough and sidings is that you will learn more. Become more knowledgeable and perhaps change your ideas about what you could consider doing.

Good advice is available

If you have had problems with your drainage system overflowing or leaking you should recount the story to the representative. It may be necessary for the incline of the gutters to be increased, or even more downpipes to be installed to clear the rainwater more rapidly. Another subject that may interest you is to replace your aluminum soffit with copper alternatives, these are becoming increasingly popular in Canada and it may be well to take a look at the options these offer you.

It is a smart move to ask to go and see an installation that the company has completed if you decide that your drainage system needs replacement. There is no better way to find out how professional and efficient the company that you are interested in actually is. You should also investigate what the company will propose to you for post installation maintenance. In particular will they give you a good deal for gutter and drain cleaning before the winter sets in? If this is the case, this should encourage you to use their services if a competitor does not provide this service.

Just how vital are the eavestroughs?

Ask the roofing experts and they will tell you without hesitation, the eavestroughs are vital components and should always be in tip top condition. What the eavestroughs do is to collect the rain water from the roof and transfer it as efficiently and rapidly to the downspouts, away from your home. Correctly designed and installed, this system deals with the flow of water from the roof of your home to the ground of the property. Clearly this is an important function that needs to be done properly, so you should expect no errors by the installers and call them straight back in if you suffer water overflows or leaks after installation.

Many homeowners who have recently bought their new homes will find that the previous occupants never maintained their eavestroughs correctly. In order to avoid the risk of water damage to your walls it will be necessary to call in the professional installers to replace the old system and replace it with a new structure.

Many homeowners are not familiar with the many different variables that are connected to their eavestroughs. For this reason, it is recommended that you call in a professional installer to come and provide you with their experience and services.

What are the telltale signs of problems?

There are a number of signs to look out for that can tell you that problems are developing and will need attention. Check the gutters after it has been raining; look out for sitting water in the gutters that has not drained away. Now check the leaf and debris filters and check that they are clear. If they are clear then you have a problem with the gutters themselves. Other signs of problems are spotting rust near the edges of the eavestroughs and near the bolts as well as wash back in your gutters during heavy thunderstorms or cloud bursts.

Replacement is not always necessary

Rain gutters can be considered to be very troublesome pieces of outdoor hardware. They can clog, leak, sag and bend. Cleaning out fallen leaves and general debris can be annoying and a dirty work to carry out. You can turn to professional maintenance companies to come and help you. The one thing that you always need to keep in mind is prevention is better than cure and regular maintenance of a well installed system will help you and your wallet!

What Type Of Material Should You Consider For Your Gutter?

Gutters are extremely important portions of your building structure. It is where rainwater passes through, just so it will not build up in your roof. Being the important structure that it is, it pays to have a well maintained gutter in your home. Remember that when choosing the type of material for the construction of your gutter, the first thing to be considered is its durability. It should be made of something that can withstand the test of time. To give you a bird’s eye view as to the type of material for your gutter, here are your options:



Wooden gutters are rarely installed now because it is much more expensive when compared to other types of gutters. In fact, prices range from $12 to $20 per linear foot. You can say that is quite cheap but you have to consider that aside from that, wooden gutters also require a lot of maintenance prior to and after installation.


This material is rust-free because of its natural patina. It can last long that is why many people have used such a material for constructing their gutters. Price ranges from $15 to $20 per linear foot so prepare some cash if you want to have copper.


This is easy to cut to the size that you want and you can even do it yourself. It is also rust and rot-free. They come in various colors and this gives you the option to choose which hue matches your house. However, it is not that lasting because they get brittle when exposed to extreme cold, heat or with age. If you live in a tropical area, this type may be good for you. It is less expensive with its price of $3 to $5 per linear foot.

Galvanised steel

If heavy precipitation is your concern, then this is for you. It can hold up against weather elements and can last forever provided you have it treated prior to installation so that it will not rust easily. Otherwise, you will end up spending money for an investment that is not worth it.


This is the most commonly used material for gutters because it is rust-free. Although it is not as strong as steel or copper, it can endure extreme weather changes. If you decide to use aluminum gutters, choose primary aluminum as this is more likely to have a consistent quality compared to a secondary type.

Other things to remember when choosing your gutter materials

These are not only the considerations in choosing your gutter materials. You should also pay attention to its structure. It could be seamless or traditional. Seamless gutters come in one piece but do not be misled by the idea that they do not have seams because they do. These are at the ends of the gutter and at the corners. Leaks may start from any of these areas. It is an advantage to have this type because it does not require too much cleaning and birds have no way to go in. The only disadvantage of this gutter is the cost and you need to hire a professional gutter installer.

On the other hand, traditional gutters come in sections. Damaged segments can be easily replaced without taking off the whole thing. The drawback for this type is it requires to be cleaned often. Its in-between seams should be cleaned of debris regularly for this may result to the formation of rust and sediments.

Gutter size should also be a factor in choosing. This greatly depends on the climate of the area where you reside. If you live in an area with heavy precipitate, have a bigger or wider gutter. A house built in an area with many trees needs a wider gutter to avoid clogging of leaves.

Factors that matter when building gutters

Apart from materials, its different types and sizes, it also pays to consider the design of the gutter before building one. Amongst designs to choose from are k-style gutters which has a decorative shape that makes them look like crown mouldings. These gutter designs are available in a wide array of option that you can choose from. Half-round gutter versions are also available. These ones are made of half-round tubes and are most popular in historic or traditional homes.

Gutters in Toronto come in different shapes and sizes with different materials that can be used for construction. Each type of material used in gutter construction differs from those of others – this is one thing to take note of. With these different materials come pros and cons too. It can involve sturdiness and cost which are obviously vital to making a purchase. You have to weigh in also on all other factors that are crucial with the investment. The bottom line is you must pick one material that you think will work for your needs in the best way possible.

Gutter Cleaning Tools That You Should Get To Know

Homeowners know very well how taxing gutter maintenance can be. However, despite their apprehension when it comes to this task, everybody else should know that having clean gutters is always important. After all, nobody wants water to be pooling around their homes and eventually causing damage to the structure’s foundation.

In order to make the task a whole lot easier, you will need a set of gutter cleaning tools. You are given a wide array of choices. Some are traditional, meaning they have been used way before the more modern cleaning tools of today. Others are modernised too with mechanisms that will bring a lot of convenience on the part of any homeowner. Without further ado, here are some gutter cleaning tools to take note of.

Sturdy ladder


This is one of the tools used for traditional gutter cleaning. Without this, you will not be able to do the job. When looking for a ladder, you have to make sure it is high enough to reach the gutters safely and it should allow you to rest your head and chest above the gutters. The principle behind this is to prevent any debris from getting into your eyes and to minimise the possibility of inhaling dust particles.

Wooden paint stir stick

This will be useful in loosening materials at the bottom of the gutter. A stick will also be useful to poke debris that has collected in the downspout. Take note that you should always include the downspout when you clean your gutter that is why this tool is very important. Remember that this is where the water flows. Any dirt that has clogged in this area can affect the purpose of your gutter.

Garden trowel

To make the dirt collection process easier, a garden trowel would be necessary. This traditional gutter cleaning tool will allow you to collect more debris and leaves in a shorter time.

Bucket or trash bin

You would not want to be going back and forth to your garbage can a number of times. With a bucket or trash bin near your work area, you can readily dump dirt without wasting time.

Garden hose

After scraping and troweling out all the dirt, a garden hose can be used to wash your gutter and downspout. This will make the entire spot look better after you have removed the dirt and debris that have accumulated in it. It will also help prepare the gutter for its next use.

Pressure washer

This is one of the latest innovations used for cleaning the gutter. The principle behind using this device is this. Debris and sediment cannot withstand the force of water from this cleaning tool. Grime and film that cannot be removed manually can be easily blasted. Remember, however, using a pressure washer whilst standing on a ladder can be quite dangerous. Obviously, it would be difficult to maintain balance whilst holding something that emits much pressure. To make it as a safe alternative, a wand and gutter cleaning material can be attached. This makes the use of a ladder unnecessary and cleaning can be done in a jiffy.

Telescopic gutter cleaner

With this innovation for gutter cleaning, a ladder can be taken out of the list too. This innovation allows you to clean your gutter with ease. It is manufactured with an aluminum pole, a zinc valve and a brass goose neck that can be easily connected to a component called the garden hose. It promises sweeping action like no other which makes removing debris in your gutters much of a breeze.

Gutter scoops

If there is one thing that makes this innovation different from those of the pressure washer and the telescopic gutter cleaner, that will be the fact that gutter scoops require a ladder. It works well with debris that cannot be easily scooped by hand like pine needles and muddy sediment.

Robot cleaner

For a more high-tech method you can have a ‘robot cleaner’ do the job. The robot is simply attached to your gutter and cleans with a rotating auger and brush combo that spins at 500 rpm. This is an amazing alternative to hands-on cleaning. This also has a disadvantage as it splashes mud to the roof that will be washed back to the gutter again.

Some other important gutter cleaning tools

There are of course other cleaning tools that will help you with gutters and eavestroughs in Toronto. One is the sealant which is noted to be useful in patching up some tiny holes. Of course, you should not forget your working gloves and goggles. Donning on these two materials are for your safety.

Now that you have been familiar with the gutter cleaning tools, you might want to try the job on your own. However, for those who want to avoid the hassles with the task or are not fans of DIY work, you can always ask a contractor to help you with this endeavour.

What You Should Know About Soffit and Fascia Repair

As a homeowner, it is important to know the composition of your house and the materials used in its construction. Not only that, it is also essential to have at least a bit of idea on how repairs are done. This is to enable you to make discussions with a handyman without being misled. It makes sense to do some researches.

In connection with this, the roof, particularly soffit and fascia repair, will be tackled. As an overview, soffit and fascia will be defined as to its location and use. The soffit is tucked under the fascia board and it is the part that you see from ground level. This can be constructed in such a way that air is allowed to circulate under the roof area. The fascia, on the other hand, is a long, straight board that runs along the lower edge of the roof. It is directly attached to the trusses.

Structural damage of soffits and fascia can be done by birds, animals and insects. It can also be hastened by amateurish jobs. Rot also plays a role in its deterioration process. But more often, these structures can be damaged by a faulty gutter that can result to water leakage. With these damages in mind, there are plenty of things you should know about when it comes to soffit and fascia repair.

Signs that indicate you need soffit and fascia repair


You must get your eyes on these indicating signs that your soffit and fascia need to be repaired. Amongst them are leaking gutters, water spots on your walls, water leaking or overflowing behind gutters and the presence of rotten or sagging wood found near the roof’s eaves. When you have seen this, there is reason enough to worry and make sure that the problem will be solved at once.

From the ground, you may think that the soffit and fascia just need a simple repainting. This is the notion of almost every homeowner but considering the fact the these items also need to be attended to, you must try to get a ladder and pry as to what the real concerns are because a simple repainting may not be the only key to your problem. Do some investigation because this may not be the only cause of concern.

There is a corresponding cost that comes with the repair

You cannot disregard the cost as this will be the basis if you’ll have it repaired or replaced. Here is a rough estimate of how much it would cost you if you opt to have it replaced. For a simple 1-storey home, it would cost you $600-$2000 for wood or vinyl and $800-$6000 or more for aluminum.

If you plan to have a do-it -yourself job, consider the following cost plus the effort of needing to climb a ladder to get those materials in place. Pressure-treated wood or vinyl soffits and fascias may cost around $1-$5 per linear foot. This is cheaper when compared to aluminum which may cost from $2.50-$15 or more per linear foot. However, you have to consider the fact that aluminum is a more durable option which explains the expense that comes with it.

You must also take a look at the entire soffit and fascia layout

If a small segment shows any sign of damage, most likely the other portions will go through the same course as with the principle of wear and tear. Remember that soffit and fascia repair involves cutting out the damaged part and sizing boards and beams to match the remaining portions. It also entails a lot of work because the added fixture has to be painted and remodelled according to the style of the house. The task also includes application of sealant.

Soffit and fascia repair can require a lot of effort

Now that you have an idea how tedious the task is, you may finally decide to hire some men to do it. As a tip, avoid anyone who quotes a price that seems too good to be true. Either it will be a substandard work or the guys will run away with your money. Always rely on an expert’s job and when we say expert that is someone who knows what he is doing from inspecting the portions that need repair to helping you assess the real cost that goes with it.

In view of this, you must always hire a reliable contractor that can perform the repairs in the best way possible. It is easy for one to say they are the best when it comes to repairs pertaining to soffit and fascia in Toronto. At the end of the day, however, you will have the last say on whether you should hire them or not. You can also raise any concern with your selected contractors if you are unsure about how the project will go.

Gutters Have A Role In Safeguarding Your Home!

Spending a lot of time thinking about gutters does not solve any related problem that you may face. Instead, it weighs down on you and burdens you each day. Costly home repair bills are some of the things that many homeowners try to evade. Nonetheless, if you do not comprehend the core essence of gutters in your home you will not be in a position to fix any problem that rises early enough before there is extensive damage.

Home sidings need protection from rainwater because rainwater damages it. Gutters come into use by funneling off rainwater from the roof. As a result, home foundation, windows, doors and walls do not get damages from rainwater. The level of damage will be high when there is clogging in the gutters not to mention leakages and breakages. This is very true because they cause gutters to function poorly. Rainwater ends up collecting on the ground near the foundation. Here are some of the ways through which the gutter keeps your home safe.

Flooding at home and the basement

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When it rains heavily, ample water collects to the ground. Poor drainage at home is likely to worsen things because more water will collect close to the home and at the very point of foundation. Too much water culminate into floods that may end at home and the basement particularly. If water gets to the basement and you have valuable things there, it will cause damages beyond repair. Well-installed gutters prevent water from collecting at the basement and around the foundation of a home. It minimizes the possibilities of damaged property.

Cracked and weak foundation

Foundation is the core part of any building and even more essentially a home. In that regard, it has to be strong and highly durable. However, there are factors that may affect it and trigger high rate of deterioration over the course of time. Too much rain for instance, affects the foundation of a home when it collects at the foundation. It slowly weakens it and eventually causes it to crack. Failure to take initiative to deal with the problem may spell big future problems. A gutter that functions to its best keeps the foundation free from rainwater as it channels it to the right drainage system.

No infestations and infections

A good number of insects particularly mosquitoes make use of stagnant as a breeding ground. With time, they increase in number and cause all manner of infectious diseases. Some of the illnesses caused by them may be terminal in some cases. The gutter ensures that mosquitoes and other insects that take advantage of stagnant water get no breeding ground. By rightly draining water from the rain through the proper channels, the chances of having high infection rate goes down tremendously and the home becomes a safe place to live.

Less molds

Molds particularly flourish when the gutters overflow with water. It creates a suitable environment for them to thrive in the basements and crawlspaces. Good gutters do not easily overflow with water. In that case, the chances of having molds that thrive and spread like fire in the basement and crawlspaces become minimal. Debris and leaves that fall from trees and get carried by the wind ending up in the gutter are the key things that cause clogging if left for a long time. Occasionally, it is fair enough to clear the gutters in case there is any debris or leaves that may result in clogging and blockages. Clear gutters ensure water flow and put an end to flourishing molds.

Erosion and paint damage

The foundation of your home does well for a long time when it has top soil that keeps it intact. Water flowing uncontrollably from poor gutter washes away the topsoil and leaves the foundation at a greater risk. Moreover, the water that drips off the leaking gutters ends up on the walls of a home causing great damage. It washes off part of the wall paint leaving it with unsightly look. To paint the wall again will require some money, which is another unnecessary cost. Perfect gutters fitted into the roof system ensure that you do not incur any cost due to damaged paint or eroded top soil that leaves your foundation vulnerable.

Rotting and rusting

Exterior building products that are mainly made of iron are more likely to rot and rust when exposed to water and air. Water that trickles through the leaks of spoilt gutters find their way to these product and cause damages that are costly to repair.

Most undoubtedly, gutters play a unique role in keeping the home a good place to live while protecting the beauty of soffits and fascia. They drain water and keep the home habitable even in cold season. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the gutters will go a long way to help you cut down unnecessary costs and keep your home in a good condition.

Want To Get Home Cleaning Services In A Stress-Free Manner?

Cleaning services are a good thing because they relieve you of certain strenuous tasks. On countless occasions, people admit to pushing off the days that they were going to do a certain task. It is quite understandable that some people have busy schedule and creating some time to do gutter or eavestrough cleaning may sound next to impossible.

Cleaning services come in at this crucial point to make the unutterable task easy and manageable. Although they are merely a call, text or email away, you need the assurance that the people you entrust with the task of handling your soffits and fascia as well as gutters not only have a reputable name for good cleaning services but are trustworthy enough to account for your home. Picking the right professional people to handle the cleaning may be a major decision for you. Doing your homework right will help you hire the right guys for the job.

Home cleaners


You need to know whether the people who will be cleaning your home are employees or contractors. This has to do with the assurance and protection that you get by involving professional services. Gutters and eavestrough need attention and some bit of knowledge. Therefore, if it is an individual working on your gutters, the result may be great but will take some time. Team of workers will do a similar task within a short time especially when there is great coordination in it.

Background checks

In some cases, people who just hire cleaners without some digging end up dealing with burglary cases or losing valuable goodies. Good homes always have nice gutters that may be tempting to some workers. As you go about looking for cleaning services, the company that offers you service needs to affirm to you the precautionary and caveat measures they take to check the history record of their employees. Performance of background checks gives you confidence and leaves you with less questions about people who will come to clean your home. Tick this off your list before making any choice.


Insurance is as miscellaneous as the clouds that roll by every day. For the task at hand, you need to make sure that there is general liability insurance as well as workers compensation. A polite request for an insurance will not taint your image in any way but give you the peace of mind you need after entrusting your home to a cleaning company. Notwithstanding, the company should be more than willing to hand you the certificate.


The reason why you go looking around for home cleaning services for gutters, compound and garage is because it is a need that requires your time, which you barely have. Therefore, find out if there is customer satisfaction guarantee offered. By doing this, you will know the exact length of time you need to wait before making calls to report certain issues that you may come across after the task is over. The fact that humans are bound to err needs to motivate you to follow up with the satisfaction guarantee just in case the employees wake up on the wrong side of the bed and perform poorly, the company plays it role in making it right.

Key responsibility

All company policies regarding the person who entirely holds the responsibility for carrying your home key need to be on your fingertips. Find out how the company acts on its policies in case there is a problem such as misplacement, loss of keys or its duplicate. Of all the things that people find hard to do, this is one weighs heavily. Do not wait until the minute of need and desperation. Act earlier and get it all right before giving the key out.

Going on the right track altogether

It is paramount for you and the company you choose to be on the same page from the word go. In other words, the supervisor needs to walk you through their services, policies, costs, refunds, compensation just to name a few. On the other hand, you need to concisely state your anticipations from the company services. If you need cleaning and replacement services for the gutters, soffits and fascia talk it out with him or her before the employees get down to it. Ironing out things at the start point will give you the results that give a bang for your buck.

Cleaning the home is an essential task and is necessary every once in a while. To keep your gutters, soffits and fascia in good condition, you have to clean them and make replacements it there is need to do so. Some companies even offer services for cleaning and replacing the worn out parts of gutters in your home. Therefore, as you choose a company, your particular needs will determine the kind of service you get from them.