A Guide On Selecting Gutter Size

When building a house or a building for that matter, the selection of gutter sizes has to be considered. Among some of the factors to consider while selecting the size of eavestrough in Oakville could be but not limited to the following; efficiency and effectiveness of the gutter, the material used to make the gutter, the cost of the gutter, the shape, size and colour of the gutter.

Efficiency and effectiveness of a gutter


Here, the selection is based on how effective the gutter is, in performing the required duties. One must choose a gutter that is able to keep away unwanted materials and allow a free flow of water through the channel, hence harvesting more water for use and clean water for that matter. The gutter should be able to withstand almost all forms and types of weather in that it cannot be destroyed by too much sunlight and also too much rainfall.

The material used to make the gutter

This is also a rather important factor to consider while purchasing a gutter, so as to avoid replacing the gutter after every seasonal change. The material should be strong enough to withstand both strong sunlight and too much rainfall. There are a number of materials used in making gutters, ranging from seamless gutters, mostly made from aluminium materials or content, copper and stainless-steel gutters and also wooden gutters, which are no longer used frequently due to their heavy nature and also tend to be more expensive to purchase.

The cost of the gutter

There are a wide range of gutter systems in the market. As a buyer, one should look for a gutter that suits their needs and seem to be able to perform the required need. Also, one that is affordable in pricing. When calculating how much the gutter will cost, you should be able to include the charges of installation in order to get the right estimate of how much the whole project will cost.

The shape of the gutter

Among other things to consider is the shape of the gutter. Might not seem important but it sure is. There are two common or basic types, that is, the K-Style gutters and the Half-round gutters. The K-style gutters are mostly flat on both the back and bottom areas and usually have decorated shapes on the front sides, either ogee or curved shapes. The Half-round gutter on the other hand are half-round tubes, often found in archaic or historic homes or structures.

The colour of the gutter

When you are considering to buy a gutter, the colour also matters as it has to go hand-in-hand with the colour of the structure in place. There are a wide range of coloured gutters in the market for one to choose from. Brightly coloured gutters tend to reflect light away therefore keeping the walls of the building or house cool, while dark ones on the other hand tend to retain a lot of heat which is also retained by walls of the houses or structure.


The above are just among the few guiding factors to consider when selecting or choosing the right gutter for a house or a building. Once you pick the right gutters for your home, you need to work with an experienced gutter installation company to ensure they are fitted professionally. Wrongly fitted gutters do not perform and this can lead to costly damages to your house’s exterior walls and landscape. Also, you should have your gutters regularly maintained to ensure the stay in good condition for a long time. In case of damages, instead of replacing your entire gutter system, you should call in the experts to repair the damages. Well maintained gutters can last for years, so it’s a great investment you should consider.

How Climate Change Affects Gutters

Climatic change can be defined as the change in the average weather conditions. Climate change is influenced by a number of factors like; human activities, volcanic eruptions, solar radiation variations to the earth surface, movements of plates tectonics on the earth surface and also biological process can cause climate change.

Climate Change has effects on several things under the sun and some of them, as tiny as they may appear can affect the normal functions of our day to day activities as human beings. As mentioned before, climate change also affects gutters placed on ours houses and buildings in a numbers of ways as highlighted below.

Size of gutters


The size of gutters matters when it comes to climate change. This is because, they might have been made in a way that they cannot handle a lot of rainfall or downpour, especially depending on the condition or size of the gutters installed. Due to this, the gutters might start wearing out faster if there are harsh weather conditions for a long period of time.

Flooding and clogging

Prolonged downpour and rainfall can cause debris and other larger dust particles to collect into one area of the gutter especially around the edges or the downspouts areas. This alone can cause a large amount of water to dump on the particular area and cause the debris to damage the gutter or the surrounding area of the gutter. Large amounts of debris can also cause limited amounts of water passing through the gutter hence flooding of the surrounding area or even the house. As we know, different changes in climate brings about storms, which can come with all types of dust particles that eventually settle in the gutters especially if the gutters are fitted without a sieve.

Where water is not flowing in the right manner through the proper channels, that is, the gutter installed and down through the downspout, away from the house, the clogged water along the gutter will eventually pour over the gutter hence creating a flood around the home or even inside depending on where the gutter is having a clog.

Problematic gutter areas

As much as climate change can be a negative factor on gutters, it also becomes a positive factor. How? When there is heavy downpour or rainfall, one can easily tell and know the problematic areas of their gutters and have actions taken on the affected areas only, without having to un-install the whole gutter system. In the event that the overflow is more towards the centre of the gutter, it may mean that there aren’t enough downspouts to flow the water freely, hence more can be added. Or, if there is a clog in the gutters, or the gutter is damaged or has sagged in the particular area that means it needs some renovations done on it.

Rust and corrosion

Alternating heavy downpour or rainfall and too much sunlight brought about by climate change can cause rust and corrosion on the gutters. This happens especially if they are made from iron like materials. This rust or corrosion when it comes to contact with water elements, it produces a chemical that can be harmful to someone’s health when consumed.


Though climate change is here with us to stay, it is upon us to have a routine maintenance check on the gutters installed in our houses and homes to avoid the likelihood of the above occurrences and mitigate them in due course. If you require any repair or maintenance services regarding your eavestrough in Mississauga, contact professionals to get the job done right. Remember, never try to install or repair gutters by yourself, especially if you do not have any prior experience.

Are Continuous Gutters Better Than Sectional Systems?

Gutters are available in two broad categories; those with seams and without seams. There is always a debate on which ones are better and homeowners are sometimes are stuck on which ones to choose for their homes. Seam gutters also known as section gutters are fastened and joined together at seams. On the other hand, seamless gutters also known as continuous gutters do not have seams in between. Seamless gutters are formed on site from specialized gutter machines in order to get the right fit. Recently, more homeowners are installing continuous gutters at their homes than sectional gutters. Let’s take a look at why seamless gutters make a better choice than sectional gutter systems.

Better finish

Seamless gutters give a kind of uniformity which makes them quite appealing. They are custom designed which means that they are set according to the exteriors of a home. They give a more cleaner finish which makes a home look more organized. A homeowner can hire a company that specializes in eavestrough in Toronto to install seamless gutters that match their home’s exterior style and colors to add a lasting appeal to their homes. One has the option to install steel, baked-on enamel or aluminum gutters. All these materials last for long and marinate the aesthetic appeal of spaces.

Less maintenance

As mentioned earlier, seamless gutters have no joints in between meaning that chances of clogs, blockages or leakages automatically decrease. Also, dried leaves, twigs and debris will not accumulate in between the passage and this means less maintenance unlike for sectional gutters. Clogs and blockages in gutters cause more serious problems that require one to hire professional maintenance services. Installing seamless gutters can save a homeowner a lot of money by avoiding these maintenance services. This is something a homeowner needs to consider as a long lasting solution to common gutter problems.

Better functional performance

When it comes to sectional gutters, it does not matter whether you use good quality systems. Eventually, these systems start leaking because water makes spaces in between the joints with time. This is a problem you will not experience with seamless gutters. Seamless gutters are investments that make more financial sense than sectional gutters.

Add property value

Seamless gutters are custom designed and add an aesthetic appeal to a home therefore, they add more property value. Compared to sectional gutters, seamless gutters are a bit costlier in price but they surely add better value to a home.

Prevent standing water

Keeping a lawn pristine and green is a matter of pride. However, if you do not have an effective gutter system, you will end up with a growing puddle of standing water in your yard. This not only affects your landscape but standing water can eventually affect the integrity of your home’s foundation. Also, when standing water is left unattended for a long time, it becomes the breeding ground for mosquitoes and becomes a symptom of larger problems. Seamless gutters are designed to smoothly guide the flow of water and debris from your roof during rainy seasons. The water is then directed away from your exterior walls and foundation to the drainage systems.

If you are looking to install, maintain or repair seamless gutters, always contact professionals to get durable solutions. Before installing seamless gutters, consult a professional company that specializes in eavestrough installation and come up with a design of your gutter system that will compliment your home’s exterior. When it comes to routine gutter maintenance, it is best to let the professionals do the job. Professionals take time to carefully check your entire gutter system to ensure that it is in perfect working condition. Also, they are well equipped to take care of any potential problem in the system before it gets worse.

How To Make Your Gutters More Effective During The Winter

During winter, gutters develop a lot of functionality issues ranging from clogs to ice dams. Such issues prevent free flow of water from the gutters eventually pulling gutters downwards. The good news is that there are steps you can take to make your gutters more effective in the winter months. The following are tips you should follow to ensure your gutters work better during the winter season.

Install gutter guards


The best way to ensure that your gutters remain functional during the winter season is to install gutter guards. Have them installed by a company that specializes in eavestrough in Oakville. Gutter guards are designed to go over the top of gutters to keep debris such as sticks and leaves out while allowing water to flow through the top. They prevent gutters from clogging which can lead to other serious problems later on. It is unfortunate that many homeowners take it upon themselves to install guards without professional help. They end up installing guards that are either too small or too large for their gutters which make them ineffective. To get the best results, always hire a professional to install your guards.

Keep your gutters clean

Even with gutters guards on, you still need to clean your gutters every now and then. Dirt, mud and other debris end up making their way inside guards and if not cleaned out, they can cause clogs. The best time to clean your gutters is during the spring season or right before winter. This way, you get rid of any debris that has accumulated in the system to allow free flow of water. Take time during the rainy season to check how water is flowing through the gutters. If you find that the water is not flowing as it should, that should be a sign that there is a blockage in the system.

Improve your attic insulation

Most people don’t think about insulating their attics. However, insulated attics help to keep the roof warm during winter. A warm roof will help ice and snow to melt faster which then allows the run-off to flow into the gutter. Snow or ice will not slide into the gutters which then avoids the formation of ice dams.

Reinforce your gutters

Just before the winter months, you can have a professional reinforce your gutters to help them hold up better. Using gutter brackets or bracing hardware, your gutters can be reinforced to help them support and hold more weight. This prevents your gutters from pulling away from your roof or home. When gutters pull away from the roof, they can damage the siding of your home.

Add heating elements to your gutters

Another way to keep your gutters more effective during the winter months is by adding heating elements to the system. Heating elements and cables help to melt snow and ice that form within your gutters. Heating elements will prevent the formation of ice dams within the trough hence, protecting your gutters and roof. If you live in areas that get extremely cold during winter or experience heavy snow falls, investing in heating elements is a priority if you want to avoid spending much in gutter repairs.

Apart from playing the important role of carrying water off the roof of a home and discarding it away, gutters also help to protect your sidings and the integrity of your home’s foundation. Whether you need gutter repair and maintenance or you are in the market for new gutters in Oakville, always look for a reputable company that specializes in eavestroughs. Make sure that you rely on a professional to take care of your gutter needs for durable solutions.

How To Prevent Winter Gutter Damage To Your Roof

The amount and size of snow that winter brings each year changes. Notice that as the years go by, snow becomes heavier and thicker than the previous ones. If you have ignored your gutters before winter comes, expect that the snow will bring possible winter gutter damage to your roof. This can prevent melted ice from flowing freely through the downspouts, which in turn, will result to other problems. The good news is you can actually prevent winter gutter damage to your roof through the following tips.

Clean your gutters before winter comes

It is important to prepare your gutters right before winter comes. Make sure that you remove all sorts of debris that may have lodged into them. This is very important in keeping the gutters away from ice build ups and ice dams. At this time of the year, expect that leaves may have clogged the gutter. Remove all of them from your roof and gutters prior to the onset of winter.

Check your roof insulation


Make sure it is working. Remember that the roof insulation can help melt snow that falls on your roof. If it does not work, there is a big chance that it will impede the flow of melted ice which will definitely damage your gutters before you even know it. You have to make it a point that heat does not escape from your home because if it does, it is a sign that the insulation is damaged.

You will need heating cables on your rooftop

This will help melt the snow that will drop on your roof. This may require some amount of cash but you will definitely realise that this is a worthy investment. It will not just protect your roof but it will also be a foolproof solution to get rid of winter damage on your gutters. An added bonus is the fact that rooftop heating cables will add value to your home should you decide to sell it in the future.

Have a look at your roof shingles

Make sure that each piece of shingle is still intact. You need to check every single one of the shingles to find out if they are firmly fastened to their respective places or not. Loose shingles will definitely be a problem to both your roof and gutters. Just a single shingle that is not fastened in place will allow the cold temperature to seep into your home. Have the shingles repaired at once if you notice any fault in them.

You will also need to install a gutter guard

Nobody is ever sure of how much snow will fall every single day during winter. Heavy snow fall will definitely put more weight on the roof causing it to buckle down. A gutter guard will help prevent this from happening. A gutter guard can also help support the load capacity of your gutters thus reinforcing and strengthening the structure which will help in taking heavy snowfall.

Get your roof rake ready

Buy one if you do not have any. A roof rake will help you remove snow from the roof and will protect your gutters from winter damage. Make sure that you use the roof rake properly or else you might end up scraping the surface which can damage the material. You definitely would not want the roof rake to be the cause of your gutter’s damage.

It is important to have your gutter inspected and repaired as the case may be. You should ask the help of experts who specialize in gutters in Toronto when it comes to this part. Remember that like with any other problem, “an ounce of prevention will always be better than a pound of cure.”

Top Reasons To Get Your Eavestrough Updated

Homeowners like you know very well that each part of your home serves a certain function. The living room is great for get-togethers with family members whilst the dining room will be good for eating meals. The bedroom, on the other hand, is the perfect spot where you can relax after a hard day’s work. These rooms are with no doubt very important to provide the comfort that you need from a home. Additionally, each room has its components and all serve their functions accordingly.

Aside from what you actually find inside your home, there are also certain components of the home that are important in protecting it in order to keep it well-maintained for a long time. One such component is the eavestrough. It is sad to note, however, that this component is often overlooked and is usually ignored during home renovations. Since an eavestrough is crucial in protecting the home against water damage, it has to be updated as well. Here are some other reasons to get your eavestrough updated.

You want to keep your front porch dry

Eavestroughs, as mentioned, are placed in order to prevent water from seeping into your home. These can also prevent the possibilities that water may gush off from the roof moving to your front porch. The front porch, as we all know, is your access to get inside your home. When it is flooded because of a malfunctioning eavestrough, you will surely get soaked even before you enter your home.

You do not want flood to get indoors

Outdoor flood can be very hard to deal with. What more if it enters your home? In order to prevent that from happening, you have to make sure your eavestrough is not too old and is still working in its optimal condition. Remember though that years of hard work may have already put its toll on this component. Upgrade your eavestrough once you have noticed that it no longer effectively diverts water away from your home.

It makes your home’s exterior look cleaner

Heavy downpour of rain can result to a muddy backyard. When water gushes off from an old and out-dated eavestrough, expect that mud can splatter and splash on your home’s exterior. Prevent the big mess that gushing water can create by making sure your eavestroughs are updated.

To prevent cracking from your concrete driveways

Puddles of water gushing from the roof and passing on an improperly working eavestrough will not just create mud that will splash on your home’s exterior. It can also breakdown your concrete driveways. This will then result to cracking of the surface which will mean additional cost on your part since you need to have this corrected as soon as possible. Prevent additional costs that are heavy on the pocket by upgrading your eavestroughs.

It can help prevent the fascia from rotting

Fascia adds aesthetics to the home by covering specific portions of the roof’s edge. It is installed to create a barrier against rainfall while also protecting it from inclement weather. When your eavestroughs are overfilled with water, there is a tendency that the water will reach the fascia. When this happens, the fascia will rot in no time which will require repair or replacement as well. Updating your eavestrough in this regard will mean doing some regular maintenance work on it.

To protect your plants and landscape

Gushing water from the roof can also affect your landscaping because this will lead to soil erosion and also create some holes or dips in your yard. When this happens, plants can easily knock over which will entail more effort to replant them on your part.

These are but some of the obvious reasons to hire contractors to help with eavestroughing in Toronto. Protect your home by updating your eavestrough today!

How Do Damaged Gutters Hurt Your Home?

Damaged gutters can be a costly problem for homeowners. Gutters are designed to direct roof water away from your siding, foundation, windows and other vulnerable parts of your home. When gutters start to leak, they are not doing the job they are meant to do, and this can in result in:

– Stains on siding and concrete
– Water-damaged and cracked driveways
– Rotted porches and decks if water leaks on these structures
– Soil erosion
– Swollen or damaged siding
– Damage to your garden or landscaping
– Standing water that can cause clogged gutters, ice dams, mosquito infestations and overflowing gutters
– Gutters wear out and they start to fall off which can cause damage to your fascia, soffit and your roof
– Water will gather along the sides of your house which can lead to basement flooding
– Water pools near the foundation which can cause a cracked or damaged foundation
– Damage to the fascia and roof which can result in wood rot and roof problems

The main point is that leaking gutters cause water to pool and run on your driveway, foundation and other vulnerable places in your house, causing damage. A cracked foundation or soil erosion can cause foundation problems and your home may shift and these problems are notoriously expensive to fix. To fix these financial disasters, it is much more affordable and easier to find a company that performs repair for eavestrough in Oakville.

Why do leaks happen?


There are a number of reasons why leaks can develop. With time, gutters wear down especially if they are not properly maintained. Another main cause for leaks can result from weather damage. If you have a gutter system that is built in sections, the seams used to hold the sections together deteriorate with time which causes leaks. Plastic gutters are not safe either. They get brittle with age developing cracks.

Are your gutters leaking?

To check if your gutters are leaking, start by walking around your home immediately after it stops raining to check if water is falling from your roof where it shouldn’t be. If you notice unusual flow of water from your roof, there can be two reasons why this is happening. One, your gutters could be clogged or they are leaking. If your gutters are leaking, it is time to call a professional. Other signs you can look out for leaking gutters include:

– Water pools around your foundation
– Stains on siding or slabs
– Dampness in your basement or a leak in your basement

Leaks usually take place where the gutter meets a downspout. If your downspouts start to leak, they can cause serious damage to your siding. A more complex problem develops when water start to run inside your walls due to leaks. Some leakages are not easily noticeable but if you find out that your basement is damp, that is a sure sign that it has developed a leak. You need to hire professionals to get to the root of the problem before the situation gets out of hand.

Bottom line

At the first sign of a leak, never try to fix gutter damages by yourself. Contact a professional contractor who will help locate all the leaking spots and deliver the best solution. If you try to fix a leak by yourself, you can end up creating more damage to your gutters which can cost you thousands of dollars to repair the damages caused by water leakages. Furthermore, you will be putting yourself in harm’s way by trying to climb ladders if you are not experienced in matters concerning gutter repair. If you find that you keep repairing your gutters every now and then, it is a sure sign that you need to consider installing new gutters for your home!

Is Your Home Exterior Well Protected From The Elements?

Tasks such as cleaning cabinets, painting walls and doing interior design changes inside the home are often carried out by homeowners regularly. However, it is unfortunate many homeowners forget to take care of their home’s exterior as well. Your home’s long term “health” depends on maintaining your exterior regularly too. When you maintain your home’s exterior, you protect your home from the elements and keep decay, pests and moisture out of your home. The following are some of the important exterior maintenance tasks that are important for keeping your home in a great shape all year long.

Fix cracks in concrete

Over time, concrete can wear down and start cracking. Concrete sidings require periodic maintenance and filing to ensure the walls do not get damaged. Fixing small cracks in concrete is much easier and less expensive than when the cracks become bigger, and then you may have to hire professional help to fix the problem. Ensure that your walkways do no develop cracks and fill them immediately they start cracking. Cracked concrete does not look good so, you need to fix any cracks to ensure your home looks presentable at all times.

Inspect and repair roof and gutters

Gutter Covers

Your roof and gutters protect your home and you need to make updates to ensure they keep protecting your home. Occasionally, take time to inspect the exterior and interior of your roof to find any signs of imperfections or defects. Also ensure that you inspect your gutters and check for any damages that may cause leakages. Leaking roofs and gutters let in moisture inside of your home and these issues should be resolved immediately. When you find issues on your roof or gutters, it is better to make repairs than completely replace them. However, if you find that your gutters have more severe damages, you need to look for a professional for eavestroughing in Toronto to install new gutters around your home.

Paint the exterior

Painting the exterior of your home often helps to protect your home from the elements. Paint protects your home from moisture damage. You don’t need to paint every square inch of your house, you only need to do touch-ups to surfaces that require an upgrade. Be careful when picking out the paint to paint your exteriors. Find a colour that matches the current paint colours of your walls. If you find out that a particular area on your exterior walls keeps losing paint or peeling that can be a sign of a serious moisture issue. Have professional come check out the root cause of the problem and have it fixed to avoid more damages in future.

Perform a chimney inspection

Maintain your chimney by regularly inspecting it. Check the exterior walls for deterioration. Ensure that the rain cap is properly installed and that the top is sealed around the flue. To ensure that rain water does not seep inside your home, make sure that the protective screens are set in place. With time, water can damage the masonry if it develops cracks. Ensure that there are no birds or animals in the chimney to keep pests out of your home. Resolve any chimney problems for moisture protection and fire safety.

Inspect the foundation

Every now and then, you need to thoroughly inspect your foundation to check for any cracks. Any deterioration or cracks on your foundation is an indication of a serious problem. Cracks on your foundation may be an indication that your gutters are leaking. If you are not able to identify the root cause of the cracks on your foundation, you need to call in professional contractors to identify the issues and provide a solution.

Do You Really Need Rain Gutters?

It is unfortunate that some new homeowners overlook the task of checking if the house has rain gutters installed during inspection. If you have just bought a home, it is paramount to ensure that it has rain gutters and if not, get a company specializing in eavestroughing in Toronto to install one for you. Why is this important? Rain gutters help to protect a house’s foundation from weakening by draining rain water away from the basement. If you don’t install downspouts and gutters to direct runoff away from your house, the water that floods around can cause serious damages that may force a homeowner to spend thousands of dollars in repairs. Let’s look at the reasons why a homeowner should invest in rain gutters for their new house.

Prevent erosion


Usually when a house is being built, code requires that they be situated on a slight slope to guide rain water away from the house’s foundation. If a home has no gutters, the water from the roof splashes to the ground with much force which causes massive erosion. This means that every time it rains, more and more soil is washed away and with time this causes carefully sloped landscape to wear down. When this happens, the runoff starts to flow towards the house instead of away from it. If left unattended, heavy erosion can cause the foundation to settle leading to cracked walls and uneven floors.

Protect garden beds

Most homeowners enjoy planting shrubs and flowers right next to the house. Plants around a home help to create an aesthetic appeal and also act as windbreakers to guard against stormy winter weather. As mention earlier, when a house has no rain gutters it can lead to serious soil erosion. This means that your garden could literally wash away during heavy rains. Even if soil erosion is minimal, water from your roof can form puddles in your garden and drown your shrubs and flowers.

Prevent basement flooding

During heavy rains, soil becomes saturated with water and becomes incredibly heavy. When a house has no gutters installed, water runs off the roof and pools around the house. The soil becomes heavy placing tremendous pressure on the foundation. Over time, the pressure causes basement walls to crack or push inward. The cracks on the wall then allow water to flow in and flood your basement. The water seeping through the cracks may at times not be excess but this causes the basement to become damp promoting mould growth. Eventually, moulds can become a health hazard placing a whole household in danger of diseases.

Protect the siding

When rain water carries tiny asphalt shingle particles, leaves and dirt down the siding, they leave unsightly staining. This leaves a house’s exterior looking unkempt and dreary, negatively impacting your curb appeal. Also, streams of rainwater can make wood sidings to rot. Rotten sidings create holes which invite pests into your home. With time, if more water continues to seep through the siding, it can affect a house’s structural integrity which becomes difficult and expensive to fix.

Protect your home with gutter installation

As you can see, a home without gutters is not well protected and homeowners stand to lose more if they neglect this part of their house. To answer the question whether you really need rain gutters, the answer will be a big yes. Gutters not only offer protection to a home but they also help to add property value. Before installing gutters, check out which gutter shape and style will compliment your architectural design. Make sure that you work with a seasoned gutter installation company to achieve the perfect finishing.

How To Choose A Gutter Style That Complements Your Property’s Aesthetics

Rain gutters are available in different styles and materials, just as different homes are built in different materials and architectural styles. Each gutter style has its own distinct advantage and disadvantages. Before installing an eavestrough in Mississauga, you need to consult a professional company which specializes in gutter installations and have them take a look at your architectural style. They will be able to help you pick the ideal gutter style that will not only complement your architectural style but also add an aesthetic appeal to your home. Learn how to accent your home with the right gutter system.

Choose the right gutter materials


Most modern homeowners prefer installing aluminium gutters than any other materials. Aluminium gutters are more popular due to their durability, simple maintenance and low cost. Aluminium gutter systems are lightweight, rust resistant and they have been known to last up to 30 years. This means that a homeowner will be making a lifetime investment when they choose aluminium.

Another popular gutter material is steel. Steel gutter systems can withstand extreme weather conditions and they are stronger that other materials. However, steel gutters are more popular and applicable for commercial and industrial gutters. Then, there are copper gutter systems. Copper gutters have a vintage look that gives a home a rustic look. Copper gutters are more expensive compared to steel and aluminium gutters but, they save money and time long term.

Choose the right colour of gutter system

Many homeowners find it more challenging to choose the right colour of gutter system than it is to choose the right type of material. There are more than 20 different gutter systems colours that range from pebble and cashmere to graphite and moonlit moss. When choosing the right colour for your gutters, you need to consider your home’s exterior décor. Choose a colour that will blend in well with your sidings and exterior wall paint.

Choose the right gutter accessories

Gutter accessories are known to help homeowners achieve a unique look that accents both the home and the gutter systems. There is wide array of gutter system accessories that one can choose from and they include drain guards, funnels, brackets, hangers, decorative downspout straps, gable covers and rain chains. Not all accessories can work on all architectural designs. You need to consult a gutter systems expert before getting any gutter accessories to ensure they will suit your architectural design.

Choose the right style of gutter system

Gutter systems are a vital part of the roofing system, and there are actually more than one type of gutters to choose from. The most common guttering systems include:

Box gutters: Box gutters are designed to be “boxed” into the edge or the middle of the roof. They are ideal for homeowners who prefer their gutters not showing.
Fascia gutters: This is a gutter style that combines the gutter and fascia together to create one system.
Square gutters: These gutters have a square appearance and they are available in hi-square or lo-square profile. Square gutters have a high capacity and they can cope with large volumes of water easily. They have a modern profile that suits all home styles.
Round gutters: Also known as half round gutters, round gutters take the shape of a circle that is cut in half when viewed from the side. Just like square gutters, round gutters are capable of holding large amounts of rain water. Most home owners prefer round gutters because they are self-cleaning.
Quad gutters: Also known as “D” gutters, quad gutters are the most popular gutter style. These gutters marry in perfectly with existing gutters and they suit new homes.