Warning Signs That Indicate That You Need Gutter Replacement

Gutters are the first line of defence when it comes to protecting your home from water damage. Gutters guild and lead water away from your home and they help to protect the exterior walls and doors of your home. With time, gutters get damaged after withstanding several harsh weather conditions and if you are not careful, water can easily seep into your walls and cause basement flooding.

It is more expensive to do damage control caused by damaged gutters than it is to repair or replace them. Gutters can last for decades and therefore, homeowners cannot easily tell when it is time to replace their gutters when the need arises. If you are not sure whether your gutters need replacing, these are warning signs that you should look out for.

Decay or separation


It is not easy to notice small separations and decay unless during a large storm. Once in a while you need to monitor your gutters, especially in large storms to detect points of weakness in your gutter. Most people tend to overlook tiny amounts of decay and small separations on their gutters. When they decide to act on the matter, they simply use sealants to manage the problem but this is usually a temporary solution. With time, the problem worsens and it is only a matter of time before they need to replace their gutters.

Unlevelled gutter seams

Also known as gutter joints, gutter seams are sections that join gutters. Over time, gutter seams weaken and they develop gaps which allow water to seep through during a heavy downpour. If you notice gaps on your gutter seams, you need to call in professionals who specialise in repair/replacement of gutters in Toronto.

Paint fading on your gutters

One certain way to tell that your gutters need replacing is when you notice the fading of the paint. Aluminium gutters are painted using baked enamel which makes it hard for them to flake or peel. However, after being exposed to the sun for long, the paint on your gutters fades. Paint plays a vital role in maintaining your gutters because it repels excessive moisture from getting into your gutters. If you notice that your gutters are faded, you have an option to repaint them. You can only do this if you are a 100% sure that there are no underlying issues on your gutters. The best way to handle faded gutters is to replace your gutter system to avoid future complications.

Mildew along the foundation of your home

If you notice mildew or pools of water showing up near your home’s foundation that is not a good sign. Gutters are meant to lead water away from your home and that is why they are fitted with downspouts to ensure water flows a few feet away from your home’s foundation. When water starts to build up near the foundation, it eventually gets into the basement which results in smelly mildew growth. So, if you notice water pooling near the foundation of your home, this is a sign that your downspouts and gutters need replacing.

Sagging gutters

Whether you gutters need replacement or not, you need to ensure that you occasionally maintain fasteners which hold your gutters along your roof’s edge. If you find that you keep re-securing fasteners because your gutters are pulling away from the roof that should be a warning sign that your gutters need replacing. Gutters end up sagging if your fascia boards are rotting, there is stress on gutters brought about by snow damage or your gutters are waterlogged. When this happens, replacing your gutter becomes imminent.


When you notice watermarks underneath your gutters that is a clear indication that they are overflowing or leaking. If left unattended for long, this type of water intrusion causes damage to your fascia and soffit board.

Should You Replace Your Old Gutters With Seamless Gutters?

Is it time to replace old gutters in your home? Well, you are usually faced with two choices. You can either go for the modern seamless gutters or the good old sectional gutters. If you are looking to replace your old gutters with aluminium gutters, you are recommended to go for the seamless gutters which are far much better than sectional gutters.

What is the difference between seamless and sectional gutters?


The difference between seamless gutters and sectional gutters is that the sectional gutters are joined together in smaller sections while seamless gutters are made and installed as a single piece of aluminium. It is only around the areas that stretch around the corners that seamless gutters have joints. There are several benefits that come with installing seamless gutters and these are the reasons why you need to replace your old gutters with seamless gutters.

Less maintenance

The joints in sectional gutters often prevent the free flow of debris from the roof which ends up accumulating in the gutters. When twigs, leaves and other debris accumulate in the gutter, it ends up clogging which means more maintenance work. Debris accumulation does not only cause clogging problems in the gutter but, often allow birds and pests to make their way into the gutters. If a homeowner does not clear debris from his gutters as often, weeds start growing and work their way into adjoining structures and walls. On the other hand, seamless gutters have no joints which make it hard for debris to accumulate. Seamless gutters require less maintenance compared to sectional gutters and they are easy to clean.

No leakages

Seamless gutters offer better protection to your property since they minimize leakages. As mentioned earlier, seamless gutters only have joints at the corners and downspouts which minimize debris accumulation. Water and debris flow freely through seamless gutters offering total protection for your home from water leakages.

Wide variety

Seamless gutters are available in a variety of colours and materials. You can choose to replace your old gutters using seamless gutters made from copper, steel or aluminium. Aluminium is the most commonly used material for seamless gutters since it is durable. Seamless gutters are also available in a variety of colours which homeowners can choose from to match their properties’ exterior decor. You do not need to repaint your seamless gutters with time since they come with enamel or baked finish which does not flake or peel. This saves you a lot of money in gutter maintenance.

Made to measure

When replacing your old gutters with seamless gutters, you need to hire professionals to do the job. These professionals make sure that they measure seamless gutters to perfectly fit your property. This way, you can rest assured that your new seamless gutters will last for decades without requiring a lot of maintenance. Seamless gutters guarantee a lifetime of protection for your property.

Better rate of return

Compared to sectional gutters, seamless gutters are a bit expensive to install initially. However, as mentioned above, seamless gutters require low repair costs and maintenance therefore, offering a better rate of return. They also add property value to your home since your home remains in good condition for years to come. In case you want to sell your property in future, you will not have to spend much in repairing your home’s exterior.


Seamless gutters are installed to fit your roof perfectly which gives them a smooth finish compared to sectional gutters. Since they are available in a variety of colours, they add an aesthetic appeal to your property.

If your old gutters keep troubling you with constant clogging, leaks, freezing or any other problem, it is time to replace them with seamless gutters. Contact a professional company that specializes in repair and replacement of eavestrough in Oakville to replace your old gutters with quality seamless gutters.

What Makes Aluminium Gutters A Good Investment?

Aluminium gutters are favoured by many homeowners simply because they are known to last longer than other types of gutters. Aside from their durability, they are admired for their aesthetic appeal. If these reasons are not enough to convince you that these gutters are worth every dollar you spend, read on. Below you will find out a detailed explanation on why aluminium gutters are considered a good investment.

They are aesthetically appealing


Aluminium gutters are admired for their pleasing aesthetics. True enough, this type of rainwater system is appreciated because it easily complements any type of home – whether what you own is an old country house or a modern property. Installing this type of gutter on your home will make it look more valuable when compared to other homes with different styles within your community. They will truly stand out simply because of their clean edges and metallic looks.

They come in different colours to suit your requirements

One thing that makes aluminium gutters ideal is the fact that they are manufactured in different colours which will make it easier for you to choose one that will suit your home’s very own colours. Other gutters come in limited colours whilst there are also those which will need some painting here and there. An added bonus is that you can be sure that aluminium gutters will not be prone to bleaching even when they are exposed to the extreme heat of the sun. As an end result they will look as good as new even when you have used them for a long time. This spells huge savings on your part and that means you are getting your money’s worth.

They will serve you longer than any other types of gutters

This was emphasised awhile back already but let us go into more details of why it is said to be very durable. First, aluminium as we all know is not prone to rusting at all. If you choose other materials for your gutter then rusting will be inevitable which can shorten the life of the gutters more so because it is frequently exposed to rain and snow amongst others. Second, it promises to serve you for about 30 years. That will depend of course on how you maintain it. Summing it up, durable aluminium gutters are very cost-effective investments.

They can withstand temperature changes

One of the questions you will have when investing in gutters is: Will it be able to withstand frequent changes in temperature? Well, at least, aluminium gutters will. In fact, they will not crack or shatter even in the most extreme temperatures. Thermal expansion will not affect it. Since these gutters are available in seamless styles, you can be sure also that leaks are prevented. You don’t have to check every now and then if it is still in a good condition or not.

They require little maintenance

Another add-on cost when it comes to installing gutters is the maintenance cost. If you choose aluminium gutters, you can be sure you will save more since they require very little maintenance. Thanks to the fact that they need less priming, painting and protection. All you have to do is regularly clean them out to remove leaves, debris or dirt that may have fallen into it.

They are relatively easy to install

Another thing that makes aluminium gutters a good investment is the fact that they are east to install You can do it by yourself but if you want to ensure a perfect installation, you can ask experts to do the job for you since they have the skills to get it right from the get-go.

Are you looking to install gutters in Toronto? Give us a call and we can perform a perfect installation at highly competitive rates!

Should You Go For Seamless Eavestrough Installation?

Eavestroughs play a very important role in every house. This fixture is needed to prevent damage which can be caused by flooding if you decide to not install them. It is sad to note that despite knowing their importance, homeowners tend to neglect eavestrough installation. Even when we already have them installed, they will only be remembered when they require repair and maintenance. If only we had paid attention to quality eavestrough installation, we do not even have to spend much on repairs and maintenance. In the first place, homeowners can consider seamless eavestroughs for effective service lifespan.

There are two types of eavestroughs to choose from

One type is the seamless eavestroughs and the other is the regular or joined eavestroughs. When contemplating on which type to install, you have to weigh in on their pros and cons. That way, you can finally decide which type is more suitable for your home structure.

Regular eavestrough installation

Regular eavestrough installation is actually the more traditional type which you can build or install yourself. This is made of separate gutter parts which can be joined together in the process. You will love doing this for a DIY project because it is relatively simple to assemble. Doing the math, you will save on labour costs since you are doing it yourself. But you have to remember that going through such installation may mean more problems later on. Examples are blockages which need regular checking and more maintenance when compared to their seamless counterparts.

Seamless eavestrough installation?

Seamless eavestroughs, unlike regular eavestroughs, are formed from a continuous piece of material. It does not have any joints and are made to complement your home’s requirements. The entire process of installing one is less complicated too when compared to their traditional counterparts. Expect that there will be no strain on the guttering since there is no chance that debris will be caught in between joints. Hence, they require less cleaning and maintenance too.

The seamless eavestrough will definitely fit your home’s requirements all-year round. Installing it on your homes will mean minor buildup of leaves during autumn. Take note that when leaves buildup on your gutters, there is a great chance that it will catch more debris than usual and will be prone to freezing during the winter. This will then lead to flooding after. Likewise, any blockage on a gutter will eventually cause water buildup which can result to cracks on your pipes when it is too hot outside.

How budget affects your decision when installing seamless eavestroughs

If you have inquired about seamless eavestrough installation, you might be quite surprised by the fact that it can cost you more than when you choose to do regular eavestrough installation. Well, remember that the quoted price will already include labour costs. With this, you may seem to back out from your plans of choosing this kind of eavestrough installation.

Choosing to use regular eavestrough will definitely cost you less, at least for the installation process itself. But in the long run, it will cost you much and will even require you to spend more time during installation. Do not forget the fact that such a type of eavestrough installation will require more maintenance than when you choose seamless versions.

Having read all of these, you have taken the first step in order to come up with the final answer to the question: “Should you go for seamless eavestrough installation?” Think about the points mentioned earlier and weigh in on the time you will spend and the maintenance requirements for each type and you will definitely come up with an obvious answer. When you are about ready to push through with the installation, give us a call. We are your best partner when it comes to eavestroughing in Toronto.

Factors That Affect The Size Of The Gutter You Should Install

A gutter is responsible for carrying off rainwater that has hit your roof on a rainy day. It is an essential feature in home construction and many countries all over the world have already recognised the importance of including effective gutters into the home exterior design. Installing one for your home can help a lot if you want to make sure that you can avoid foundation problems in the future. It will also help you prevent flooding which can destroy not just your home but everything you have inside it.

There are many things to consider though when it comes to installing gutters. One thing that should come to mind is the size that is most appropriate for your home’s needs. In order to know the gutter size that you need to install, you must consider the following factors:

Frequency of rain in your location

Since a gutter is considered of great help to get rid of rainwater from the roof and to keep it from destroying your home, you have to consider the frequency of rain in your location before you think of your gutter size. Take note that there are many places in Canada where rain is most frequently encountered.

Abbotsford and Vancouver in British Columbia for instance experience rain at an average of 174 and 164 days a year respectively. This is followed by St. John’s in Newfoundland with 163 days then Victoria, British Columbia with 155 days. If you live in one of these places or in other places in Canada where it rains the most, you should install a bigger gutter in your homes. Make sure the size is enough to handle drainage.

Pitch of your roof

The pitch of your roof also matters when considering the size of your gutter. The rule of thumb, in this regard, is that the steeper the roof is, expect that water will come down faster from it. If this is the case, it follows that you will need a big gutter. If you get the wrong size of gutter in this scenario, expect that it will not catch the amount of water that is supposed to flow into it.

Size of the house


Perhaps this is somewhat self-explanatory. If you have a bigger house then you have a bigger roof. If you have a bigger roof then chances are it will catch more rainwater when compared to houses with smaller roofs. When this is the case, apply this rule – get a bigger sized gutter for a house that is bigger.

Amount of rainwater a gutter can carry

This will answer the question relating to how big is big and how small is small in the world of gutters. Sometimes, it will really be very hard to define which size is considered big and which one is considered small in this part of home construction. It pays to make sure then that the gutter will be able to handle the amount of water that drains into it. Otherwise, you might not be having the right size in mind.

Additional tips

Once you have determined the size of the gutter that you should install in your homes, it is also important to consider where the water from the gutter should go. Alongside this, you will then need downspouts. You should have enough of these components in order to effectively redirect the water that comes from the gutter. The last thing you will want is to see water falling over the edges which can potentially be the cause of problems inside your home.

If you are looking to install gutters in Toronto in the best way possible, give us a call. We will make sure you will get the right gutter size for your home and help you to install it perfectly at affordable rates.

Different Types Of Soffit Materials & What They Can Do

Soffit comes from the French language and when literally defined, it means that there is something installed underneath. In construction parlance, it is actually very popular for those who are building a roof. Whilst it is mainly used for that purpose, a soffit can also be used for construction where there is a visible ceiling. It can be relied upon when building arches, porches or columns.

A soffit can be made from different types of materials. Each type of material has some features that make it stand out when compared to others. However, as you scrutinise each type of material, you will realise that there is one that will surely be the best option for your construction needs. Get to know the different types of soffit material and see what they can do. Weigh in on the pros and cons of each before making a choice:



One of the materials with which a soffit can be made is wood. Choosing this as an option will mean you have to prepare more money since it is one of the most expensive soffit materials out there. You will love it though since it adds a touch of warmth to your space. Add to that the fact that wood is natural and is a timeless beauty. Take note though that besides being expensive, wood will also take time to install. You might also need to replace the panels from time to time before it rots. You will also need to install vents for better air circulation within the room if you choose this soffit material.


A more durable soffit material than wood is steel. The great news about this material is it comes in a variety of colours that will definitely suit your style or the space within which you are going to install it. Like wood, however, it is an expensive material too. In fact, it can cost up to 40% higher than an aluminum soffit.

Fibre cement

This is considered the least popular amongst the different types of soffit materials. Add to that the fact that you have to spend more if you choose to use one for your construction project. The nice thing about using this option though is that you can order panels in different wood grain textures, colours and vents.


If you are looking for the right soffit to match your porch ceiling’s requirements, you can consider the vinyl material. It is very affordable and is considered one of the best materials for insulating your home. It comes in a variety of grains and textures and can be customised according to the look you want. It does not rot and is resilient to chipping and cracking plus it is easy to clean. It is water-resistant too.

However, you have to take note that vinyl can discolour quickly over time. It can be easily affected by heat as well and once exposed to regular sunlight, expect that it can become weakened over time. Mould can also develop on this soffit material during damp climates. It is not as malleable as aluminum as it is more difficult to cut and bend.


If you want a soffit material that can fit into varied spaces then you can consider aluminum. This malleable material is highly durable and will not rot, crack or chip. It is also non-combustible and like vinyl, it is easy to clean. It is also water resistant. It is likewise a good insulator and is also very affordable.

Looking for the perfect soffit and fascia in Toronto for your construction project? Browse through the list of services we offer and find out why our expertise can help you make an informed choice!

How To Repair Common Gutter Problems

The foundation of your home is one of the most important elements of home construction. A good foundation guarantees you a solid and durable structure. When there is a downpour, water can easily find its way to the foundation, if not directed away from it.

The result is usually a weakened home foundation, which may compromise the structural integrity of your home. That is why you need reliable gutters. Gutters keep water from getting to the foundation or accumulating around your house. However, gutters do develop problems over time. Here are simple solutions to help you deal with common gutter problems.

Unclogging gutters


Clogged gutters are a big problem for many households. Gutters get clogged when they are not tended. Debris easily clog the downspouts, making them less effective. In some cases, gutters may sag down due to excessive weight, which is caused by twigs, leaves as well as stagnant water. If you do not fix the problem very soon, your gutters may separate from the fascia.

The best way to deal with clogged gutters is to ensure that they are cleaned at least twice a year. If you live in an area with many trees, you should have the gutters cleaned thrice in a year. You can do the cleaning if you have a ladder and cleaning equipment. Alternatively, you can outfit your gutters with covers that help minimize the amount of debris accumulating on your gutters.

Check out the hangers

The hangers keep the gutters well attached to your house. Therefore, if you see that your gutters are sagging or slowly starting to pull away from your house, it is a sign that they have seen better days and need a replacement. Fasteners tend to back out over time leaving your gutters vulnerable. Spacing also matters a lot. Too far apart spacing is not ideal for supporting home gutters. You can fix the problem by replacing the hangers. All you need to do is purchase them from local dealers. Ensure you get quality fasteners as well.

Sealing leaks and holes

Gutters can also develop leaks on their joints. This can be fixed by sealing. With an effective gutter sealant, the joints can be caulked form the inside to ensure all the leaks and holes are properly sealed. Professional companies offering gutter repair services provide you with the best sealants that can effectively fill small holes. With the right repair services for eavestrough in Mississauga, you can make your gutters more durable.

Correct gutter pitching

Gutters may not be pitched properly. A properly pitched gutter is accurately directed to the downspout allowing water to easily drain away. How can you tell that your gutter is not properly pitched? That is very simple. Just climb onto the ladder and check the gutter for stagnant water. If there is stagnant water on the gutters, it is a clear sign that they are not properly pitched. The best thing to do in this case is to hire gutter repair professionals to come and assess the situation. They will take the measurement and fix the problem for you in the shortest time possible.

Defective downspouts

The installation of downspout is also equally important. They should not be too close to the house but rather extend from it by several feet. The closer they are to the house, the easier it is for them to get water straight to the basement. Therefore, you should check to ensure that the downspouts are not too close to your home.

These simple tips will give you an effective gutter system. Some of the home owners who are not well versed in DIY gutter repair should always approach a gutter repair company for help. After all, it is generally agreed that gutter repair is a task best left to the professionals!

Why DIY May Not Be Your Best Option For Gutter Installation

Certain things usually sound good at first until you actually get the chance to try them out. A good example is home remodeling projects where many people have been easily lured by the idea of going the DIY route, only to end up messing things up and incurring more costs. Unless you have great knowledge on what you are doing, you are better off hiring the professionals. Here is a look at some of the reasons why DIY may not be your best option for home gutter installation.

Exposing yourself to harm


There are numerous people who get hurt as they go about gutter installation. Most of the people who have suffered injuries admit that their first thought was that DIY gutter installation will not be that difficult. However, installation of gutters involves ladder activity and if you are not careful, you may fall and get injured. In a worst case scenario, you may suffer from paralysis after a fall from great heights. Therefore, you can save yourself the trouble of getting hurt by hiring professionals for gutter installation.

Lack of knowledge

Sure, after you have viewed those DIY YouTube videos, gutter installation sounds like a piece of cake. However, professionals have a wealth of knowledge and experience in matters to do with gutter installation and repair. They can easily assess your home area and pick out problems while laying out crucial details. Furthermore, they can take an effective action right away to remedy the problem and ensure your home is safe. Not so many people have this kind of knowledge on gutter and eavestrough issues like roof shingle damages, decaying fascia boards and deteriorating sidings.

Change in cost of material

It is easy to think that you will save a good sum of money by purchasing your own materials and doing the repair for yourself. However, market conditions can lead to a drastic change in the price of materials pertaining to Toronto siding, adhesives, hangers, clips, downspouts and so forth. The final bill may blow your mind off. As for the professionals, they get the best deals because they typically pay wholesale to acquire all the materials that they need. That means that if you hire them, you may even pay lesser for those materials. In addition, they can easily tell the difference between original and counterfeit products.

Transportation baggage

After you have purchased all the materials you require for gutter installation, you have to bring them home. This can actually be a big problem especially if you are relying on your car. Supposing you owned a pickup, it would still be challenging to transport sections of gutter that are ten-feet long. This is because most vehicles do not come with specially fitted racks for things such as gutters. However, gutter companies have the right means of transportation. Once you have made the necessary arrangements for installation services, you can trust them to transport their equipment safely to your property to start work.

Pitching gutters

One of the common mistakes that most people doing DIY gutter installation make is failing to pitch the gutters properly. If the gutters are not properly pitched, you will not have effective water drainage in the gutters. However, you can rest assured of accurate gutter pitching from professionals who have a rich experience in matters involving gutters.

As you can see, when you hire professionals to do the installation for you, you will not only save yourself the trouble of spending a lot of time getting all the resources together but also the overall cost of purchasing, transporting and utilizing the materials needed for the installation. In addition, you will reduce the chances of getting hurt. Professional gutter installation services guarantee you a durable gutter system that will keep your home safe during a heavy downpour, so why take the risk and jeopardize the benefits you can enjoy by going DIY? Think, folks!

How To Fix Holes In Your Galvanized Gutters

Have your galvanized gutters on your house developed holes? If yes, that means you need to repair them as soon as possible. Gutters that have developed holes cannot drain water effectively which can cause more damage to your house. Water drops from these holes can sip into your home causing damage to household items as well as the flooring. The good news is that patching up holes in galvanized gutters is a simple job that can take less than an hour. So how do you go about repairing galvanized gutters?

Things you will need

– Tin snips
– Steel wool or wire brush
– Eye protection
– Clean cloth
– Leather gloves
– Ladder

Additional materials

– Pop rivet gun, pop rivets, silicon and a piece of metal flashing.
– Flashing cement
– Roofing cement
– Piece of window screen wire

How to prepare the gutter for patching

Lean the ladder against the walls of your house in a safe angle to ensure your weight is balanced well. You need to clean the gutters especially around the areas with holes. Get rid of twigs and old leaves by hand. Ensure that you wear the leather gloves to avoid twigs and sharp objects from piercing your hands. Next, use the wire brush or the steel wool to thoroughly clean around the holes to get rid of corrosion. Wipe the areas around the holes clean using a piece of cloth.

How to patch using window screen

Take a small piece of wire window screen and ensure it is larger than the hole you need to patch. Before placing the window screen, spread the hole with roofing cement all around. Ensure that you tightly press down the window screen and don’t leave any air space. Spread another layer of roofing cement on the window screen. Check to make sure that there are no holes in the window screen.

How to patch using metal flashing

Take a piece of the metal flashing and smear the back of it using the roofing cement. Just like the window screen, press the metal flashing on the hole tightly. Wipe any excess roofing cement around the edges.

How to patch using rivets

Get a piece of metal one inch larger than the hole. Place the patch on the hole and using a drill, make two small holes through the patch and the gutter from inside. Apply caulk around the edges of the hole and the patch metal. Set the metal patch on the hole and use pop rivets to secure it in place. Apply more caulk around the patch and smoothen the patch using a finger.

How to avoid holes in your gutter in the future

Clean out gutters: You need to make a routine check on your gutters at least once or twice a year. Clean out old leaves and other debris that collect in your gutter. Use a hosepipe to run water through the gutters and check to make sure it flows through the downspouts. If not, use a plumbing snake to unclog the downspout.

Install splash guards: Sometimes water can travel too fast through the gutters and often times it can end up splashing over to the ground. To avoid this, have a professional install splash guards on your gutters.

Install gutter guards: When you allow debris to sit for long in the gutters, they end up causing corrosion which leads to holes. To avoid debris collection in your gutter, call a professional specializing in gutters in Toronto to install gutter guards. These guards are usually mesh type screens that are fit across a gutter to prevent debris from getting into the gutter. After installing the gutter guard, ensure that the openings don’t get clogged.

What’s The Best Time To Carry Out A Biannual Gutter Inspection?

How regularly do you carry out a gutter inspection for your house? The four distinct seasons pose a challenge to properly functioning gutters. For this reason, you need to get a professional to inspect your gutters at least once a year to keep an eye out for any potential problems that may occur. Unfortunately, most home owners overlook the importance of carrying out gutter inspections since they are designed to be inconspicuous. Gutters are designed to drain large volumes of water from the roof and in case they develop problems, this can quickly turn into a calamity. So when exactly is the best time to carry out gutter inspections?

When it rains

Minot emergency workers patch Broadway levee

Most of us want to curl up by the fire while we enjoy a cup of coffee as it rains. As good as this may sound, you can also use this time to check your gutters. While it is raining, go around the house and check how well the gutters are draining water. Check the drainage around the foundation and check any signs of pooling anywhere near the house. Follow the water drainage to see if it is flowing away from the house or not.

Next, check the downspouts to see if the water is running outside. Carefully inspect to check for gaps or cracks along the joints or elbows of the downspouts. Make sure that the water from downspouts is being directed to the splash block. The splash block should then direct water away from the house at least 2ft from the external wall. You should also check if the gutters are well secured and if there are any leaks.

In the fall

Fall is a good time to spend time outdoors as you enjoy the fall colors around you. Use this time to go around your house and inspect the gutters and downspouts. Check for any possible rusting or loose screws along the gutters and downspouts. Go around the foundation of the house and clear any shrubs to check if there is any water collection.

If you notice discoloration on the external walls, check if there are any holes in the gutters that may be causing possible leaks. If you notice any gaps between the fascia and gutters, it’s time to call for a professional who specializes in soffit and fascia in Toronto. He will carry out an inspection and advice whether to repair or replace the fascia to avoid leakages.

In the spring

Most people prefer to carry out gutter inspections during the spring. The weather is warm and it is considered a safe time since there are no strong winds. Use this time to clean out the gutters. It is advisable to call in the experts to carry out the inspection since they know what and where to check. If you prefer doing it by yourself, ensure that you have the right gear to ensure your safety. You will need to put on gloves and protective glasses during the cleaning. Use a ladder to get to the gutters and clear out the leaves and debris using your hands. After clearing out the debris, direct water to the gutter using a hosepipe to clean out remaining dirt and while doing this check for any possible leaks. Ensure that no debris is blocking the downspouts and that water is flowing freely. Check the fascia for any signs of rot or moisture. If you find any problems, do not hesitate to call the professionals for a quick fix up.

Never allow your gutter to stay for long without being inspected or repaired. Delaying will lead to more damage to the gutters and around the house. In the end, you will end up splurging more cash on repairs.